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My Story about Shaklee


Most of my adult life I have been on a personal quest for lifelong vitality and wellness.  My reading, research, and observations of myself, my students, my family, and close friends has lead me to take notice of the importance of nutrition and the supplements we ingest.  I have consulted with numerous specialists and have read many books in the field of health and wellness. For the last 10 years, I have purchased Shaklee vitamins, supplements, and green cleaning products.  Why? Because they are high quality, good value, well tested and they work for me!


Since July 2011, I have been on a Shaklee vitamin and supplement daily regimen and I have noticed improved digestion, stronger nails, and an increased vitality and general well being.  One of my goals is to be medication free and to maintain good health and activity through natural, whole food nutrition and supplements as needed.  Choosing Shaklee products has supported this commitment.  Shaklee has been a reliable resource for providing healthy products and promoting health and well being for people and the environment.


During the winter of 2012, my health research included some books written by Mark Hyman, MD.  I began to really comprehend the mind-body connection and the need to eat natural, whole foods.  Along with choosing good foods, it is important to take high quality supplements due to the deficiencies of nutrients in our diet which is made up of mostly processed foods grown in nutrient depleted soils and made to taste and look better with synthetic ingredients, chemicals, and preservatives which are not particularly healthy for the human body.


I am happy to take Shaklee’s vitamins and supplements. I feel that finally my body is really absorbing these high quality supplements and I have noticed the difference in my attitude and awareness to make better food choices. The Shaklee Smoothee powder provides a delicious nutrient, protein rich shake in the morning, which satisfies me through lunchtime.  They are so good with just the protein mix, and yet, I add ginger, apples, greens, strawberries, bananas or carrots to boost the nutrition and customize each shake for myself and my husband.  Great, convenient way to start the day!

I also really enjoy the Enfuselle skin care products-especially the sunscreen with SPF 30, which protects my fair skin without the synthetic parabens in so many skin care products. 


The Basic H multipurpose organic cleaner is the best! I use it every day to clean my granite counters, walls, sinks, floors, and even books that need a light once over from dust!  This product is indispensible and I am so glad it is safe to use around my elderly dad and my cat!!  The rest of the Get Clean products are fabulous and get the job done without your having to breathe in toxins.


The Shaklee products are so safe, effective and user friendly, I have been inspired to share about their benefit and consistent quality and performance.  If you would like to learn more or just have a question, please feel free to contact me. 

                                                                                                ~ Kathy Tafur